Apr 9, 2015

Best Audio Bang for Your Buck - Top Car Speakers Out There

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When speaking of cars, people always state the most obvious facts – brand, model, speed, horsepower, engine, and, finally, price. And while these information are truly vital, because you would not know what you are buying unless you know them all and would not be able to know what is under the hood without them, they are not everything. More and more people pay attention to other things that are out of the ordinary, one of those being the audio system. It is not, of course, the essential part of your vehicle, but can be quite important. In this category, there are many examples and types, so here are some of the best brands out there you might want to look into.

You cannot speak of audio systems in general without mentioning Pioneer – started in 1938, it was almost instantly popular and sought for, and still is today. What some of the other brands cannot compete with is Pioneer’s popularity among the professional as well as everyday users – it is just one of those brands that everyone knows. Additionally, Pioneer has a car radio compatible with Android system on smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhones, so you can treat your car audio like an app.

JBL Audio
Bringing top-notch performance and elegant design together with exquisite sound quality, JBL’s speakers and electronics are more than satisfactory. One of their specialties is the line of door speakers and this is what separates them from the rest. Present on the market since 1946, they have built a respectable fan base and are often praised by professionals as well.

This is another 1940’s brand that covers home, personal and professional audio system and is also present in car audio technology. Interestingly enough, Kenwood’s specialty are car decks and CD players, so you can combine them with other brands’ amps, speakers and woofers in order to get the best of both worlds.

When speaking of a brand that has been recognized by the critics as well as the buyers, Pyle’s name surely pops up most easily. Being in the business since the 1960’s, they were a semi-noticed company until the turn of the century when their success rocketed and, now, they are known not only for car audio system, but as well as home and professional audio.

MTX Audio
Working with home audio production, as well as live sound support and marine products, MTX Audio has been present on the market for more than thirty-five years and, topping the popular charts quite quickly, has been very successful almost the entire time. In their car audio niche, they produce speakers, subwoofers and amps and complete the entire offer, so you can get your entire audio system from the same brand.

Started in the same year as MTX Audio in 1973, this company was initially a small project and a two-man operation that became larger and more developed over the course of time. Unlike a number of other brands, Kicker specializes in subwoofers that make your car shake and bounce because of the strong bass. Their Livin’ Loud product line combines top quality and popularity and can be found all over the world.

The Choice
With a market as wide as this one, the choices you have to make when buying a car audio system are more than difficult. However, again due to an abundant offer, you cannot go wrong with almost any brand mentioned – just sort out your priorities and figure out whether it is more important to have quality woofers, strong door speakers or an Android support, for example.


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