Apr 10, 2016

5 examples of social media campaigns done right

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Gone are the days where companies use limited resources and channels to promote and endorse their campaigns, products and services. In this innovative day and digital age, companies have unlimited platforms they can creatively utilize to reach more audiences and boost their sales up the ceiling. Social media has brought upon countless opportunities and possibilities for businesses. It is much appreciated by the ecommerce industry as it is their bread and butter of putting out their marketing campaigns.

Impactful and well-done creative marketing campaigns were brought to us by various well-known brands. Here are few of the successful and memorable social media marketing wins.

#1: Reese’s #AllTreesAreBeautiful campaign
Hershey’s Reese’s stirred quite a storm from their consumers upon the release of their Seasonal Peanut Butter Trees. The reason? It didn’t look close to a tree at all. Instead of releasing a formal statement and defending the product outcome, the brand retorted flawlessly by raising awareness in #treeshaming. Thus, the hashtag campaign: #AllTreesAreBeautiful accompanied by a light hearted graphic.

After the company posted the tweet on Twitter, fans began praising the brand’s creative and witty response to the issue. Plus, the issue was no longer taken seriously besides, as per Reese’s themselves, “They might be a little different, but they still taste uhhh-mazing.”

#2: Netflix’s Captain Mike
We all get to the point where we would have to overcome the dread of contacting the customer service to address our concerns, but this one Netflix representative marks a special spot in the field and it’s fair to say he had set the bar way up. Since then, customers expect a service be likewise up to par. The viral exchange was between a subscriber and Netflix customer service representative Mike Mears. And when asked what his bosses reacted to the said viral conversation, he said they congratulated him for doing a good job.

This instance gained Netflix high praises from their subscribers and nonsubscribers alike which is either way advantageous for the company.

#3: GoPro’s skateboarding cat
People are crazy over cats especially in the web where a lot of people are pet lovers -- cat people. Cats are either erratic or canorous, there is no in between; and it’s probably the reason why people love them and their secret mission to plot the earth’s destruction. Maybe not that, but you get it.

Any kinds of pet appeals to the public. And that’s exactly what GoPro’s marketing team thought of and executed -- which successfully worked to their audience. With over 264,000 likes and at least 48,000 comments, it’s safe to say that this tactic certainly engaged well with the consumers as it is well-received by them.

#4: TOMS’ #withoutshoes campaign
In May 2015, the ecommerce merchandise TOMS Shoes launched a hashtag campaign: #withoutshoes which encourages people, especially their target market -- millennials to post their bare feet on Instagram. It is a way of getting hand in hand with the brand’s philanthropic efforts.

Each photo posted of bare feet with the hashtag #withoutshoes, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to benefit their cause. The brand and its successful campaign managed to donate 296,243 pairs of shoes.

#5:  Straight Outta Somewhere Meme Generator
Various social media channels were bombarded by these Straight Outta memes and not a lot of people were knowledgeable as to where it came from and what it means.

The campaign was to promote the film Straight Outta Compton and boy what a great success it was. The customizable meme was able to attract a wide audience from athletes to celebrities. Not only did it hit up the ticket sales but it raised awareness on the subject as well.
What other successful social media campaigns can you think of? Share it with us!

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