Apr 8, 2016

7 Gadgets Every Tech Lovers Wish To Have

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With the evolution of technology currently being experienced, new gadgets are being developed each day. Life nowadays is all about gadgets which come in all shapes and sizes for different functions. Competition is not helping either because it is responsible for the new gadgets being launched into the market every day. People who love and appreciate technology are almost not doing anything manually anymore since almost everything has been automated. Some of the most awesome gadgets that every tech lover would wish to have include:

Electronic digital video reading Aide
              This is a must have gadget for people who love reading and sometimes find it hard to read the tiny prints on paper. It takes the form of a wireless mouse connected to the screen via wireless connectivity and has laser lights at the bottom which when placed on top of a book transcribes the words to the screen. The user is able to magnify the words to their preferred size and read by moving the device as you go along. This means that people with visual challenges ca now read without spectacles.
Sensor wake
             This is an interesting alarm clock that uses a sense of smell to make sure you are up in the morning. Instead of the normal noisy alarm, you now have a house full the fragrance of your choice such that you get out of bed in the right mood. For the longest time, people have been finding alarms to be irritating but necessary. This invention, however, comes as a solution to long morning since you can now wake to your favorite scent. This will definitely put a smile on your face.
Misfit ray
              This wearable gadgets design is in the category of wearable technology and is meant to track activities including sleeping time. This device is cylindrical with a hole in the middle which allows the users to slide in a wristband or ribbon and be able to wear as jewelry. It is able to detect and record motion including vibrations when the user is asleep. Because of that, you will be able to track your time throughout the day without necessarily having to record your activities manually. Over and above this, it can be connected to other items in your home via WiFi to enable you switch them on or off from the comfort of your bed.
Polar balance scale
            This amazing gadget has made the weight loss and management process more practical since it is a wearable gadget that tracks the number of calories intake and the day’s activities. The scale is connected to a wrist band that the user wears throughout the day and is able to transmit the information about the day’s activities to the gadget. It also records the foods you eat and gives recommendations on whether you need to increase or reduce your activities.
Smarter mat
             This is a gadget that is placed in the fridge or on the shelf to act as a reminder of the stuff that is running low. This means that you will no longer need to do a manual stock taking when preparing for shopping. The items are placed on top of the mat which is connected to an app in your Smartphone. When going for shopping, all you will need to do is check the App and get a list of things you need to top up. For this reason, it qualifies to be a must gadget in all households.
Fitbit blaze
            This is an activity tracker that monitors your entire day’s activities include the heart beat rate and blood pressure. It also keeps track of your workouts and sleeping patterns and gives recommendations on what you need to increase or reduce. This allows you to know when you are stressed up and it is also easy to know the triggers. It records the amount of time you sleep and in case insomnia is developing, you will get an alert early enough to be able to handle.
Here active listening
            This is a must have gadget especially for people working in noisy environments. It allows you to mute or adjust the volume of the surrounding sounds. When you need to concentrate and not have to silence the people around you, you just switch off all the sounds and you are left in your own world. You can also filter other conversations and magnify what you need to hear. In today’s open office spaces, this seems to the gadget developed just on time.


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