Apr 11, 2016

Apple iPhone SE: Top 5 features you need to know before buying

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At an event in California on 21st of March, 2016 Apple unveiled its small yet very powerful new iPhone model - the iPhone SE. The new iPhone SE goes back to the beloved 4 inch size that Apple had departed from with its iPhone 6 range. Apart from the smaller size, the primary draw point of the new device will be its price, as it has been priced rather shockingly affordable going against the usual expensive iPhone tag.
In fact, the device is going to be the cheapest new iPhone model ever. Nevertheless, the new iPhone SE is going to be a highly powerful new phone with latest powerful specs, which will make it a very attractive offering, as it comes at a relatively lower price tag and superb performance. The lower priced iPhone SE is also expected to boost the iPhone sales in the global market, which have been dwindling recently.
The new small yet big iPhone SE is thus, Apple’s new contender in the highly competitive global mobile market, where even the high-end large smartphones are getting cheaper in order to draw the attention of the buyers.
The new Apple iPhone SE will be soon available in the market for sale. However, is it really worth a buy and better than the other phones which are closely priced? Here are the top 5 facts about the new iPhone SE that you should know before you buy it:

Smaller Size
        The first thing that strikes about the all new iPhone SE is its size. Apple has been sticking to the concept of 4 inch smartphones, as they are the best to hold and operate in one hand and thus perfect things on the go. However, due to peer pressure Apple did come up with its iPhone 6 range with larger screen sizes. Nevertheless, the tech giant still believes that many smartphone buyers still prefer smaller devices owing to the ease of use. And in fact, it is actually true and among many users the small handsets are actually more popular. As per Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, many customers have been asking for a new iPhone model with the previous small size of 4 inch.
The company has also confirmed that it had managed to sell 30 million 4-inch iPhone models in 2015. And in order to reach to a larger customer base and to please more 4 inch iPhone lovers, Apple will be launching its latest offering, the iPhone SE to as many as 100 countries by May this year, a report says.

Powerful Performance
          The new Apple iPhone SE has a small form factor, but is big on performance. It comes packed with the latest specs and superb powerful performance, making is one of the fastest phones at present.
The iPhone SE get powered by the latest 64 bit A9 chipset that does the duty for the company’s current flagship smartphone models, namely the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. The new iPhone SE also gets empowered by the additional M9 co-processor which helps in offering the best of ‘Hey Siri’ experience just like the 6s range. This means that while the iPhone SE is small in size and also in price as compared to the 6s range, it is going to offer the same high-end and super fast performance like its bigger counterparts. This is actually the biggest advantage and buy point of the new iPhone SE. This means a win-win situation for all the small size iPhone model lovers, and it is also expected to boost the iPhone sales considerably this year.

Battery Backup
         The iPhone SE is expected to offer a better battery backup and thus should be able to offer a greater time for its users to enjoy its features and capabilities. The smaller screen size of the iPhone SE will definitely sip on less battery life and will be more power efficient, which should make its battery last for longer. Moreover, the very capable and efficient 64 bit A9 processor is also very energy efficient and will also help the model deliver a better battery backup. This would mean that the users can enjoy longer calls or multimedia experience without having to charge the device frequently, which is one of the primary concerns of all smartphone users.

          Another major USP of the new iPhone SE is its camera. The phone’s camera itself can draw a flock of buyers for this new small iPhone model. The iPhone SE boasts of the same 12 Megapixel i
Sight snapper of the iPhone 6s which is so very highly praised. The camera also gets all the crucial features including the Focus Pixel technology for rapid focus, an image signal processor and better face detection system. The new iPhone SE also offers the Live Photos feature that was newly introduced with the iPhone 6s. Thus, the small is also big when it comes to the photo shooting abilities as well as camera features to please all the users who love to click away.

         Finally, the price factor, and in this aspect also the new Apple iPhone SE is a sheer winner, as it is the cheapest new offering to have launched from Apples’ stable. Although the iPhone SE comes packed with top specs and features and is very close to the experience one can expect from the iPhone 6s, the SE is considerably cheaper than its larger counterpart. The new iPhone SE will be offered in two versions depending on their in-built storage space and will be priced accordingly. While the iPhone SE 16 GB version will be priced at only $399, while the 64 GB variant will be costing $499. This also means that there should be plenty of takers for the new iPhone SE, as such price tags for a new iPhone model is rather unimaginable. When the Indian market is concerned, then reports say that Apple will be selling the iPhone SE starting at Rs. 39,000.

The iPhone SE will also be offered in the same color choices as the iPhone 6s – Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Space Gray.


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