Apr 13, 2016

Tips to identify Refurbished Iphones

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Iphone is known as one of the most reliable and secured phone across the globe, which is designed and manufacture by Apple Inc. The most recent Iphone Models which are manufactured by Apple is Iphone 6 and 6s, which is known for its comprehensive characteristics like screen size, multi touch screen, virtual keyboard, powerful processor, upgraded cameras, improved LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, support for a near field communications based mobile payments. 

Apple will manufacture iphones in bulk, so there could be many phones which usually have some defect and come back to the vendor or manufacture to repair the same which is then refurbished, tested for defect which was reported and then sold again. Refurbished phones are new phones, which are return due to some defect which are reported by the customers and they are properly tested in form of functionality and defect by the manufacture before selling again.
Steps to identify a Refurbished Iphone:
1.    Look for the Apple Certified seal on the packaging which indicates that the iphone has undergone testing and refurbishment process or not
2.       Look carefully the iPhone’s box and packaging as all refurbished Iphones usually sold in white boxes or packaging
3.       Locate serial number of the iphone as much more information you can get from the serial number of iphone

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This article is written by Manisha Singh on behalf of Fonegiant. She is internet marketing strategist. She loves to share her ideas on new technologies related to internet marketing and web development . She reads novels and browses the Internet and blogging.


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